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servo motors manufacturer(taiwan)
Experienced servo motors manufacturers. Taiwan servo motors manufacturers.We are a professional manufacturer specializing in manufacturing various kinds of servo motors, all of which are top-quality and at competitive price.Servo motor is also known as execution motor, which is an execution unit in an automatic control system, converting received electrical signals into angular displacement or angular velocity output of the motor shaft. Servo motors are divided into two major categories of DC and AC servo motors. The major characteristics of a servo motor is that it is not self rotating when the voltage of electrical signals is zero, and its rotary speed decreases in uniform velocity along with the increase in torque.Fundamentals of Servo Motor Operation:A servo motor uses a permanent magnet as the rotor and generates a magnetic field with driver-controlled U/V/W 3-phase currents to rotate the rotor; meanwhile, the coder in the motor sends feedback signals to the driver, which compares target value with the feedback value and adjusts the rotary angle of the rotor accordingly. The precision of a servo motor depends on the precision (line number) of its coder.
Step Motor
Step Motors are commonly used in digital control systems. This type of motor rotates under pulse waves given from outside sources. The angles and speeds of the rotation can be precisely controlled. Step motors are widely used in electronic products, such as printers, recorders, copiers, fax machines and medical equipments. The key specification of a step motor is its “step angle”, which is the rotary angle of the motor shaft when a pulse is inputted into the moto
AC Motor
AC electric motors manufacturers that provide good quality and services. Taiwan ac electric motors manufacturers.An AC motor uses alternating-current power. The rotary speed is relatively difficult to control, and the rotating direction can’t be controlled

About Us

I-Dean Enterprise Co., Ltd., was founded by Mr. Huang Ying-Song in 1965 in Fengyuan City, Taichung County. I-Dean was formerly Cheng-Feng Metal Works, specializing in the manufacture of motor cores. After Taiwan’s economy took off, our business began to grow over the years. To meet the demand in production capacity, the Company purchased a parcel of land in 1982 and built a current factory equipped with the most advanced facilities. With the plant, the Company officially changed name to I-Dean Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Since founding, we have been dedicated to the production of motor cores And successively, one recognition from the major manufacturers in the world, including Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal.
With over 50 years of experience, we have developed hundreds of energy-saving motor cores and related products.

Compressor motor cores for centralized air-conditioning systems and freezers.
Induction motor cores for factories, vending machines, washing machines, electrical fans, ceiling fans, water pumps and special cranes.
Permanent-magnet synchronous motor cores for tool machines and high-end precision equipment
High efficiency energy-saving motor cores for refrigerators, electrical vehicles and air-conditioners
Brushless DC motor for various energy-saving motors
Universal motor cores for vacuum cleaners, woodworking machines, automotive components, ship components and motors for home appliances
DC motor cores for treadmills and reverse osmosis drinking fountains
Shaded pole motor cores for induction ovens and micro-fans
Special motor cores for power generators
Cores for transformers

Our Equipment:40 to 300-ton high-speed automatic stamping presses of the best brands - Japanese AIDA, KYORI, NIDEC-KYORI, KOMASTU

Materials - Electrical steel sheet from China Steel and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal

Our efforts in the pursuit of quality have also been recognized through international certification of ISO 9001 and IATF16949.